Used successfully by dog owners and veterinary clinics to treat canine elbow wounds or hygroma by giving them a protective cover, also for, painful skin conditions, and surgery

For dogs over 40 pounds!

Hygroma or wounds and sores on a dog's elbows are painful for everyone - the dog, the owner, and the veterinary professional who treats the dog’s sore, wound or hygroma. Often, the hardest part of treating a wound or hygroma is finding a way to protect the dog's elbows from the elements or from themselves while they heal. We have the solution.  It is simple, low-cost and a fully guaranteed solution for the treatment of your dog’s sore elbow or wound.
The Canine Elbow Protective Sleeve, developed and produced by Canine Angels, Inc., has proven successful for treating wounds and hygromas in product tests by veterinary professionals and dog owners.
photo of dog leg wound before treatment photo of dog leg wound after 4 days of treatment

This is Lady. The picture on the left is her elbow wound before treatment. The picture on the right is after 4 days of treatment and healing with the Canine Angels Protective Sleeve


two dogs wearing the comfortable protective elbow sleeves

* Provides comfort and protection for dog wounds, callus dermatitis, hygroma, soreness and bleeding.
 * Velcro straps are easily adjusted to the comfort of tour dog.
* Slips on in seconds.
* Machine Washable.
* Protective elbow sleeves are durable and resistant to dirt or water damage.

* Has foam padding for cushion


dog wearing protective sleeves to treat hygroma 

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protective sleeve for the treatment of wounds and hygroma.


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