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Canine Elbow Protective Sleeve

I am Mary Strauss. The Canine Angels Inc. company started with a need for my own dog, Lady, a yellow lab, to cover her elbows with something that would stay on and not restrict her movements. So I invented the Elbow Protective Sleeve and started my own business promoting them in 2006.

Now I can help thousands of dogs across the street or across the ocean. We are growing everyday, not through the veterinarians, but by you, our customers, who try to find something to help your dogs elbows on the internet.

Pictured to the right is a dog wearing her special ordered sleeve for a three legged dog.

Our sleeves are specially designed to provide comfort and protection for all dogs who have undergone surgery or sustained wounds that need our products.

Canine Angels Inc. is very proud of all our products and they are all made with love in the USA.

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